Match Report
Ipswich School Girls-U13A vs  Stamford
On: Saturday, 29 Sep 2018
Venue: at Home

Stanford made the long trip to Ipswich for their first ever block fixture between the two schools and the selected U13A girls had a terrific fixture. Ipswich worked hard during the week at training and have increased their knowledge of defending options and attacking play and even when it broke down there was evidence of their improved understanding.

Anya Kwatra was calm and collected in goal and made some crucial saves with her opposite number being challenged far more frequently throughout the match. Both girls had excellent games for their respective schools.

Defensively the young Emily Pettit and Eliza Goodwyn played with great maturity and the older pairing of Sophie Childs and Isobel Jermyn stepped up to their marking responsibilities. Amie Hunt, Eliza Robinson, Helena Bishop and Ishani Soni were a real attacking threat in open play and worked tirelessly in defence too. Beth Endacott and Blythe are hard working midfielders who will become even more effective as they improve their skill level. Lastly Petra Tweedy, Captain for the day, performed well in the midfield and is looking sharper with and without the ball.

The final score of 3-0 in favour of the Suffolk side was probably a fair reflection of the game played with passion and skill from both teams.