Match Report
Ipswich School Girls-U14A vs  The Perse School
On: Saturday, 08 Sep 2018
Venue: Away

Match report Perse VS Ipswich

We went into our first ever 11 a-side match as a team, knowing that the Perse were a strong opposition. However, we decided a game plan and structure that we would stick with for the match ahead. We played two thirds of 20 minutes and one third of 15 minutes. A few minutes into the first third, we were already 1-0 down but tried to fight a second however that wasn't how it ended up being at the end of the first third. The score was 2-0 to the Perse. In the first third we were showing our rust, but we weren't going to let that happen in the second. We went on with a positive attitude. The second third began and you could see that we had started to jell more as a team and move as a unit. We included some fantastic transfers that put us into attack which showed our true ability which nearly took us to a goal, however the Perse quickly sussed out what we were doing and defended exceptionally which placed them back into attack. Even though, giving all we had, we weren't quite able to stop them from getting a third goal. However, we decided to try some new skills which resulted us in getting our first goal. This made us feel as though we could achieve it and it made us stronger as a team. The second third then quickly drew to an end but we still had 15 minutes left. We weren't going to let anything past us. The third and final third started which included some fantastic defending from Misha and Sophie leading to some excellent transfers from Heather and following through to some outstanding runs from Jess and Nia. This third finished with no new goals being scored. It was an amazing defending third. At the end of the match we came together as a team and talked about what we could improve on. However, we had a lot of things that went well: we had excellent positivity, it went well for our first match, we scored, we progressed as the match went on, we had excellent transfers, we are jelling as a team and we played with a lot of enthusiasm. The final score was 3-1 to the Perse. We would all like to thank the coaches who came to support us and especially Mr Swindin for helping us to have this score at the end of the match.

By Millie Laver